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Our approach


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Our approach

Venderion supports European Software Developers in finding a right match. We have connections with a lot of innovative software development companies who are looking for reinforcement. Are you a European Software Developer and searching for a job abroad? Take a look at our procedure which is illustrated below.

Interview by our recruiters

The first step towards your new job in the Netherlands is an interview with one of our recruiters. We want to learn more about you, your skills and professional ambitions. Do you see yourself programming at a major organization or at a small start-up? Do you want to live in the centre of Amsterdam or in a quiet village in the countryside? Together with your CV this information helps us to find exciting job opportunities for you.

Receive notifications of opportunities that fit your (technical) profile

After the interview you will receive job opportunities that we think match your interests. If you are excited about a vacancy you are directly introduced to the hiring organization.

Invited to participate in the selection procedure

If the hiring company is enthusiastic as well they will invite you to a video call. This is the quickest way to get an impression of each other and in practice the most suitable starting point for further steps. These steps differ from one organization to the other. The selection procedure can include additional video interviews, technical assessments or code reviews. If everything goes well you will be invited to a personal meeting in the Netherlands. 

Meeting in the Netherlands

The meeting in the Netherlands is the last step before a formal job offer. This is your chance to meet your future colleagues, explore the surroundings and get to know the Dutch culture. Venderion will organize this trip for you and cover the costs of your flight and accommodation. 

Accepting a job offer and moving to the Netherlands

Having accepted a job offer it is time to plan your relocation to the Netherlands. Don’t worry, Venderion supports you in this matter. We will find you (and your family/pets) a suitable place to stay in the Netherlands and guide you with the necessary administration. 

Relocation by Venderion

  • Get in contact directly with the most innovative organizations using cutting edge technology in the Netherlands
  • Receive invites for relevant opportunities that match your skills, technology stack and ambition
  • Professional advise throughout the selection procedure
  • Extensive help throughout the relocation process (housing, insurance, administration, etc.)


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