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Victor’s relocation experience

My name is Victor and I am Spanish. I grew up in Catalonia and later moved to Madrid because of the job opportunities in the city. Moreover, I wanted to meet new people and gain experiences. I worked as a programmer in Madrid until I was 34 years old.


My motivation to move

Having lived in Spain all my life I was ready for a change. As I wanted to work in a different environment I was looking for job opportunities outside of Spain. Living and working abroad is what I have always wanted to do. I had the chance to go abroad when I was a student, which was a great experience.

I was happy to hear about the possibility to work as a Software Developer in the Netherlands. My hope was to settle in the Netherlands, to meet new people and to make friends. Additionally, I wanted to develop myself further.

Once in the Netherlands I was surprised by the tolerance of the Dutch. It was easy making good friends and there was hardly any language barrier. This is due to the fact that almost everyone has a good command of English. The language skills of the Dutch are one reason for why the Netherlands is a good country to live in.


The first step towards my job in the Netherlands was writing a good English CV. Venderion made me aware of a vacancy for a Senior Programmer in the Netherlands, which I quickly responded to. In this way, Venderion could get in touch with me straight away for a video call. They prepared me for the selection procedure of the company I applied at. First, I had an interview with one of the company’s recruiters via the phone. The atmosphere during the talk was relaxed and we spoke partially in Spanish and English. Due to Venderion’s support it was less intimidating than I had expected.

One month after this talk I was invited to two additional interviews in the Netherlands. This trip was fully paid and organized by Venderion and they were always available for information and help.

Having landed in the Netherlands I was taken to my future company’s office for an interview and a technical assessment. Usually, the application procedure takes longer but in my case they tried to do it all on one day. One of the interviewers was the person that I had previously talked to on the phone. The first talk lasted around 20 minutes and afterwards I had a break. The interviewers left the room such that I had some time for myself. After the technical assessment I tried to relax by taking a walk through the city.

Luckily everything went very well. I already received a positive response from the company on the following day! They sent their suggestion for the working conditions within a week and later on they proposed a contract. During the whole period I was advised and supported by Venderion. They were also taking care of all the communication with my current employer.

First days in the Netherlands

Venderion organised a temporary place to live for the first month which was also my probation period. Suddenly everything was ready and I could relocate!

I had a very good first impression of the Netherlands. Maybe Dutch people don’t realise themselves but I noticed straight away that my current home town is both beautiful and charming. Moreover, I was surprised by the big amount of bikers and all the high buildings.

At work everyone was kind towards me. I was introduced to the company and my colleagues on the first day. On the second day I got to know the dynamics of the company and was mainly busy with participating in meetings and reading. I could really start working on the third day and this is what I have been doing until today.

At the moment of writing I have lived and worked in the Netherlands for a month. It is not long anymore until I can move to my new flat and I have already fixed all the necessary administration in the Netherlands.

Regards, Victor

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