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This Dutch scaleup will conduct online background check of the staff you want to hire

Pescheck, a Dutch scale-up in Enschede aims to make it easier for companies to find reliable staff. With Pescheck, companies can request screenings via an online dashboard. With an investment of half a million from Oost NL and Arches Capital, Pescheck can continue the rapid growth and grow from nine to 40 employees over the next five years.

Guaranteeing integrity and quality

The flexibilisation of the labour market and the increased need for staff means that the demand for background checks for staff is increasing. Serhat Elban, CEO and founder of Pescheck explains: “Companies want to know who they are dealing with, whether they are staff or potential customers. For example, many employers apply for a Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG) before they hire someone. Pescheck makes that process easier. This allows us to offer you an honest, safe and trusted service. ”

700 customers

Pescheck is successful in optimising the application process for VOGs. The company has connected more than 700 organisations as customers in a relatively short time with its VOG-aanzoek.nl label. In the meantime, more than 150,000 applications have been processed. Now Serhat Elban and Qi Lin, COO, want to take the company to the next level.

“We want to become a one-stop shop for screenings so that companies can request all screenings from an online dashboard quickly and easily,” says Lin. Not only is the market for background checks among staff growing, Pescheck also has potential customers at banksor insurers who need such checks because of the ‘law on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.’


Serhat Elban notes, “To become an international player, it is necessary to strengthen our IT team and improve our product. We specifically searched for investors with relevant knowledge, experience and network so that we can scale up. We found those partners in East NL and Arches Capital.”

“Background checks are a growth market and Pescheck has already proven itself in this. The Pescheck solution makes it easy for SMEs to conduct onboarding procedures quickly and fairly. The company expects to grow from nine to 40 employees in the next five years. That is an important reason for East NL to invest.”

— Press release

Source: Silicon Canals

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