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Cost of living 

Living in the Netherlands is relatively expensive compared to other EU countries. This is due to the high cost of housing in this densely populated country.

Within the country the cost of living varies from one region to the other. Namely, the north and the east of the Netherlands are cheaper than the centre and the west. Furthermore, cities and above all Amsterdam are more expensive to live in than the countryside. 


Housing prices largely depend on where you live. Generally speaking, bigger cities are more expensive to live in than smaller ones and living in the outskirts is cheaper  than living in the city centre. For instance, you would pay around €1.000 monthly rent for a 45m2 furnished studio in Amsterdam. In Rotterdam the same studio would cost around €600 per month. Due to the large regional differences you can expect a higher salary when working in an expensive city like Amsterdam. Within the same city, you can expect to pay around 30% more for the same apartment if it is located in the city centre, in comparison to a location in the outskirts. 

The cost of housing furthermore depends on the type of housing you are looking for. The cheapest option is to live in a shared house: You rent one room in a  house and share facilities like the kitchen or the bathroom with your housemates. You can expect a montly rent of around €300 - €700 for such an option, again depending on the city you want to stay in. Don't worry if shared housing is nothing for you, there are loads of other affordable options that don't require you to share facilities. 

If you are offered a contract by a company in our network we'll help you with finding suitable housing. You'll be asked about your wishes and about the amount you want to spend for housing per month. Based on this information we'll do our best to find a suitable place for you.


In contrast to housing, food is rather cheap in the Netherlands. Food prices in the Netherlands lie below the European average. Thus, the Dutch can buy their food more cheaply than for instance Italians, Greek and French. There is a range of different supermarkets in the Netherlands. You can find discount chains as well as more expensive ones. 

Take a look at the prices below to get an impression of the average cost of food in the Netherlands. Please keep in mind that these prices are averages and that regional differences are quite high.

Milk (1 litre) € 0.90
White Bread (500g) € 1.25
Eggs (12) € 2.11
Bananas (1kg) € 1.34
1 glass of beer in a bar (0.3 litre) € 2.50
Meal, inexpensive restaurant € 15
Meal, mid-range restaurant, 3 course

€ 28

More information

For more information about the cost of living in the Netherlands you can visit Numbeo Expatistan and EURES.

If you have any questions or doubts about the cost of living in the Netherlands: Please get in touch with us. We're happy to help you!

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